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Plumbing Emergencies and How to Take Care of them When they Occur

Emergencies take place every now and then especially around the house. One of the most common emergencies is the plumbing emergency. While it is always good to have the contacts of an emergency Sydney plumbing service provider, it is also a good idea to be on the ready with a few plumbing supplies should anything go wrong at the wee hours of the night. The following are a few plumbing emergencies and how you can solve them in case they occur.


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Gas leak

A gas leak is one of the most dangerous plumbing emergencies in the house. This is actually the reason why you should always have the contacts of an emergency plumbing service at all times on the ready.  A gas leak is an indication that something is terribly wrong in the house as it may cause serious injuries and even death when it explodes. The first thing you need to do in the event of a gas leak is to turn off the main valve of the gas piping system and get the emergency plumbing services to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Heating breakdown

During winter, a breakdown in your heating system could be your worst nightmare. The house heating system is important during this time especially if you have kids or elderly people in your home. It is most definitely an issue worth a professional’s attention. However, before you rush to call in the emergency plumbing services, you need to first figure out what the problem is. It may be something you can easily take care of and save a few dollars. The first thing you can check is the thermostat. It might have been switched off accidentally or something may have happened that can easily be fixed. You can also check if the oil tank is empty and needs a refill. If after checking all these things you still cannot figure out what the problem is, then you should consider bringing in the emergency plumbing services.

Broken pipes

Broken pipes around the home are some of the most common plumbing issues. You need not spend sleepless nights over this. It is one of the few problems that can easily be fixed by the homeowner. The first thing you need to do is to shut the main water switch in the home to prevent any water leakages. In case you have no idea where to find the main water switch, you can call in your plumbers to come and see where the problem is and to also show you where you can find the switch. This is important to avoid future wastage and in future plumbing emergencies.