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Planning a Children’s Themed Party at Home

Kids have very specific likes and dislikes and so when you are planning a birthday party the preferences of the precious birthday girl/boy should be on top priority. If your five year old princess is in love with Disney princesses then you can plan a Cinderella party for her. On the other hand a batman theme will be perfect for your seven year old son. Take cues from your kids about the things they want to be included in their party and then plan accordingly.

Plan out the décor

Kids are highly imaginative individuals with active alert minds. They are highly influenced by visual imagery so you have got to be careful about the visual elements of the décor. For example if you can plan a winter theme then you have to arrange for a lot of fake snow, funny looking snowmen, flakes, ice skates, furry polar bears etc. All you have to do is to use snow powder, slitter, brightly coloured paper and tons of cotton to make up most of this stuff. Make sure that kids are informed beforehand that it’s a snow theme so that they can come dressed accordingly.

For a mermaid theme stick scales made of bright paper on the invites. Make sure that you include all necessary information like date, venue, phone number and other relevant things. When it comes to designing themed parties invites the more imaginative you are the better.

If you are having a game night party theme, try to customize the game cards or the poker chips for instance by writing names or clues on it. This will add to the entire value of your efforts.


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