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Photo Booth Hire for Weddings

If you and your spouse are the adventurous type, then you can make your wedding day an event to remember by adding another layer of fun-photo booth hire. It will surely make the special occasion livelier as you and your guests can take turns in having yourselves pictured in a photo booth hire. Everybody can make their poses as unique and even naughty as possible. Fun games can even be created and the couple who has the most unique and hilarious pose will take home the bacon. Make your wedding day an event that is filled with so much fun and laughter.

Behind the curtain

The moment the red curtain of the photo booth hire is closed, anything can happen inside. There is no photographer to direct the kind of poses to make, it is just the couple and the camera. Thus, the couple can make any kind of poses that they wish- be it a funny pose, a serious pose, or a slightly naughty pose. The idea is to have fun taking pictures inside the photo booth hire.

Immediate print-out

In just a matter of few seconds, twenty seconds at the most, the pictures will be developed right away. So, right after stepping out from the photo booth hire, the couple can immediately see the creative poses that they made. A wedding is a happy event and by having pictures taken in a photo booth, guests will definitely have the time of their lives. The print-outs can also be a wedding souvenir. Instead of distributing little knick knacks to the guests, why not make the print-outs the wedding souvenir. It is a different way of making your guests cherish and remember your wedding day.

Unlimited sessions

Guests can enjoy having their pictures taken at the photo booth hire for as long as they like. There is no limit as to the number of times that they can enter the booth.

Customize the pictures

You and your guests can have the option to customize the photos. You can choose the background color, the graphics surrounding the pictures and so much more. The choices to make the pictures look very unique are limitless.

Professional quality

Not because the pictures are printed immediately mean that the quality is below par. You will be surprised that the print-outs are of high standard, the resulting pictures are bright and crisp. Additionally, these photos can be enlarged to 16 by 24.

So celebrate your wedding day with family and friends and treat them to a photo session at the photo booth hire Sydney.