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Painting Tips for Homes with Wooden Floors

When you don’t want to deal with the mess and expense of refinishing your wooden flooring, the next best cost effective and aesthetic alternative is painting your wooden floors. If you are already adept at painting your finger nails, painting your hard wood floor won’t be a rocket science for you.

Preparing the Surface

To ensure a great outcome for your floor painting project, you need to make the right preparations at first. First of all, take a 150 grit sandpaper and scuff sand the floor. Sanding the wooden floor by hand thoroughly will roughen the surface and allow the primer to stick well.

Clean the Floor

Vacuum the dust and dirt. Then wipe or mop the floor surface thoroughly with water till the floor surface is clean. Wash the surface again with a special wood floor cleaning solution. Once cleaned, allow the floor to dry for 48 to 72 hours or even more if necessary. There should be no moisture in the wooden floor when you are painting it.

Apply Primer

If you are using a latex based paint, you have to go for a latex primer. For oil based paints, you require oil primers. Many home improvement specialists recommend using oil based primers that can penetrate into and tightly seal up the flooring surface.

Oil primers take a longer time to dry, so the primer covered floor may require 24 to 48 hours to dry. However, oil based polyurethane tends to add a yellowish tint to your colours. Too much of oil primer can turn the paint visibly yellow. Look the best Wooden floors in Ipswich here.

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