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Paint Different Surfaces

Although at first sight, painting looks very simple, it’s actually not a very simple activity. There are hundred of things one needs to bear in mind for the right result. For instance a darker colour makes your room appear smaller while a lighter colour makes it look larger. This is just one of the many technical things that one needs to take care of. There are many ways to paint different surfaces as each surface has a different need and hence one needs to take care of the same.

The first step for home painting is to identify the rooms that needs painting. Then one must carefully select a shade which should suit the room and enhance its aesthetic value. One must take out handles, important pieces and other accessories then store them in a safe place so as to prevent paint from spilling on them. It is best if all the paints are purchased at one store as it eliminates the probability of colour variation and also it is better economically. Water leakage and crack fillings are some of the issues which need to be rectified before painting begins. During wall painting, primers should be applied on new surfaces. Different types of primers are available for interiors, exterior walls and metal surfaces.

Interior walls require completing the pre-painting checks such as rectifying water seepage issues, crack filling and removing any loose plaster from walls. Newly plastered surfaces should be preserved for at least 6 months. Coatings of powder distemper, cement, paint etc. should be completely scraped off. Fungus affected areas would require specialised treatment and only after that primer is applied painting chemicals follows. For exterior walls also, newly plastered surfaces should be allowed to cure for at least 5 -6 weeks before painting. Post checking for any fungus growth and making the surface free from dust and grease is a must then primer is applied followed by painting chemicals. Metal surface painting requires adequate decreasing and de-rusting which is done by using appropriate treatment. Specialised Primers are available in the market for these purposes and hence need to be applied on metal surfaces. Once this primer dries overnight, enamel paint which is best suited for metal surfaces can be applied. Oil paints are used to impart a glossy feel and a durable finish.

If you want to add or change colour to your house, you need a professional Brisbane painters to do the job right the first time.