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Off Grid Solar Systems

Benefits of using solar systems are many. By using solar power, you will not only save a lot of money, but you will also be contributing to energy conservation. Once you have decided to use solar power systems, you should know about the types available. Basically, there are two: Grid connected solar power systems and off grid solar systems.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems

Unlike grid connected systems, off-grid systems are not connected to the electricity grid. Here, the output energy entirely depends on the sun’s intensity. If the intensity of the sun is more, the output will be more, too. Since the system functions on direct current and varying power output, the energy generated is used immediately.

Off-grid systems work best for water pumps and ventilations systems. There are also solar water pumps available that are specifically designed for submersible use.

Off-grid systems usually use batteries to store power when there is no sufficient sunlight available. The systems are combined with other energy supplies like diesel generators, so even when there is no sunlight, you can easily use the power that is stored.

Off-grid systems are majorly used for lighting, TV, radio and the like. They are very useful to those who are not able to be connected to the electricity grid, especially for those who are residing in remote homes.

Solar power systems are extremely beneficial, of course, but you should know your priorities well. The advantages of grid-connected solar power systems are many, but if you just want to use solar power for simple things like TV and radio, then off-grid systems work best for you.