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Noisy Neighbours – How to Deal with them?

After going through the process of taking home loans, you finally settle down in your dream home. But having noisy neighbours can spoil the whole environment. Instead of taking them head-on, there are a few things that can help resolve the issue. Neighbours are bound to stay beside the house and it’s always better to maintain a friendly relationship with them.

Talk to the neighbours

The first step should always be talking to the neighbours. Maybe they don’t know how loud they are or how long they have disturbed others. It’s always a good idea to talk to them about the situation. Be polite and courteous.

If the neighbour is completely unknown, it’s better to let someone accompany you. Tell them what the outcomes of the noise are. If possible, suggest some alternative to reduce the noise. They might understand.

Remember, there is a process to get home loans. In the same way, there is a process to make your home’s surrounding peaceful. Sometimes it is ok to be flexible. Some activities are bound to noisy. What should disturb you is the same noise over a period of time.

Appoint a mediator

If talking to the neighbours doesn’t work, appoint a mediator. A mediator is a third person facilitating things and helping arrive at an agreement. You can contact your nearest Community Justice Centre for more details. This is a government-funded centre which typically helps settle disputes between two neighbours. It is free of cost, making it worth a try.

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Home alarm system should be installed so that intruders might find it hard to enter your house.

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