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Music for Photo Booth Sessions

The person who first quoted ‘music is the soul of a party” was so true. In fact music works for almost every occasion even for photo booth sessions. If you set up a photo booth for some event or occasion you would want lots of people to take their pictures in them. Playing some great music inside these booths is a good way to lure people inside them.

Create a theme

A theme party is always exciting because it allows people to escape into a secret world and play make-believe for some time. If you put on matching music with a relevantly themed photo booth the effect is going to be stunning. For example if the theme is Disney, you can easily arrange for some fun Disney tracks and some exciting cindrella/mickey mouse props at the photo booth. Kids are sure to love the concept.

Fit the music to the age group

You must remember the way your music preferences kept on changing as you grew up. Music likes and dislikes vary from one generation to another and this key fact should be important to you when you figure out the kind of music you want for your photo booth hire.

For example you will obviously need a different collection of music catering to senior citizens if your guest list comprises of elderly people. Similarly if teenage folks are going to visit your photo booths Sydney you will have to play music that caters to their taste.

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