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Mistakes to Avoid when Using an Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is one of the best home exersize machines to burn calories and tone your body. People in ever increasing numbers pan Australia, use it as a part of their cardio regime in their home gym. However, it is imperative to avoid the common mistakes people tend to make while working out on the elliptical trainer, in order to maximize your output and shed the extra pounds.

Zero resistance level

Appropriate resistance is of paramount importance when it comes to elliptical. Most fitness trainers in Australia, recommend using correct resistance while pushing and pulling through the stride. Thereafter, continue at a moderate rate to the best of your capacity. Do not step off till you are completely exhausted.

Not entering your statistics or information

Not entering the information out of sheer laziness is by far the commonest mistake. Although most exercise equipment by default, are calibrated for 150 pounds of body weight, but still personalizing the statistics will give you a more precise calorie count. Your aim should be to burn approximately 100 calories in ten minutes.

The awful sound of the exercise equipment and bad posture

If you are hearing the purr of the exercise equipment while working out, then probably you are not using enough resistance and going too fast. Exercise at a moderate but steady pace, which makes you use your muscles, tones them and keep your heart rate elevated.

Don’t slouch and stand up straight, when you are on the elliptical. This will lengthen your abs and will work on your upper body muscles and also on your core. Hence, maintaining a correct posture is very important.

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