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Mistakes People Make in Starting a Business Video Production Business

For anyone just starting a new business video production business, it is important to know some of the common mistakes that people make and what to avoid. Even for an experienced person in the business, this will provide education on mistakes that had already been made and how to avoid them in the future.


There is too much concentration on equipment and hardware and too little focus on technique. Anybody can get hold of the equipment, but the equipment will not by itself generate high-quality business video production without being used by a producer who really knows the business video production business. It is a combination of techniques and equipment which will produce the best results. Equally, you may have people who go to the other extreme by buying the cheapest in terms of microphones, tripods and lights in an effort to cut corners. This is however false economy and soon the people will find out that they need to buy better equipment in a matter of months. It is far better reflected the beginning to start by acquiring the basics by way of good equipment which will last for the next five years.


Once the business video production business has acquired the latest state of the art equipment, they tend to get complacent and believe that the phones will start ringing off the hook and that business will just walk in. Every year, the number of would-be video producers buys the latest gear and is surprised to go bankrupt as business fails to flow in. Like most other businesses, the name of the game is marketing because the business video production business is really in the business of entertainment production. Video production is just a tool in the entertainment business. Because of this single-minded focus, many start-up business video production businesses refuse to diversify. In order to ensure the maximum utilisation of expensive equipment, start-up businesses should accept any business that comes their way, and welcome this as the acquisition of experience. Later on, as business stabilises, the business can afford to get pickier.


Start up business video production businesses tend to regard networking with others as a waste of time without realising that this is an important ingredient for success. There is no reason to be afraid of competition when advantage can be taken of the experience of the competitors. As long as there is honesty and respect, user groups can prove to be an invaluable support platform. Like any other business, this is essentially a people business in dealing with people is a skill that has to be mastered. Marketing is all about people and communication with them and this will pay off in terms of new customer acquisition and introductions to potential customers. Nobody is going to come to the fledging business on strength of technical skills and expertise alone.

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