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Mens Must Have Shoes

During the hot Australian weather, men tend to walk around in shoes that help them feel comfortable in the sultry weather conditions. Sandals are the best warm-weather shoes, particularly flip flops and Birkenstocks.

Wear sandals with your swimming attire or for a day on the beach.

Black Lace-ups

Nothing conveys “sleek and sophisticated” than dress shoes with a square or pointy toe. These are especially designed to make a statement about class and style; hence every man should have a pair of black lace-ups.

If you treat them well, polishing and mending them to ensure they always look great, then they will last you for a long time. Black lace-ups are appropriate for the office, and for classy events, go to formal party with shiny black lace-ups in a suit and you will certainly make an impression.

Brown Wing tips

These are timeless shoes that look better when showing signs of wear and age. They are compatible with any attire, and will certainly enhance the ruggedness of a man’s appearance. Brown wing tips make a man look outdoorsy and adventurous, and anyone buying men’s dress shoes should not miss the opportunity to purchase these comfortable shoes.

Lace-up boots

Another great type of shoe for the adventurous man, these can be worn with jeans and other rough outfits. You can even wear a leather jacket with lace up boots for the cowboy look.  Ladies buying shoes for men should not miss on the chance to share their boot fetish.