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Medical Sheepskins Advantages

A medical sheepskin is extremely beneficial for patients who have to lie down or sit for long stretches of time, such as arthritis patients, people who are convalescing, spinal patients, quadriplegic or paraplegic patients, frail, elderly or immobile patients. Other benefits that one can gain are:

Highly Absorbent

Medical sheep skins car seat covers are highly absorbent and readily absorbs 34 percent of the dry moisture weight. As a result, patients using this sheepskin do not feel damp and wet. The moisture is quickly dissipated away from the patient’s body and the wool fibres permit free circulation of air. So the latter does not feel any discomfort due to perspiration even if he or she is immobile.

This minimises the build-up of moisture at pressure points and wicks the perspiration away from the patient’s skin. As a result, the patient remains dry. This is also the same reason why patients find it comfortable to lie on or sit on medical sheepskins, as the latter can effectively cool down the patient in a warm, tropical climate.

Low Friction

Compared to cotton bed sheets, the human skin experiences a lower rate of friction when it comes directly in contact with medical sheepskins.

It is also non-allergenic, fire resistant, porous and a natural insulator.

There are some patients who can benefit greatly from these types of sheepskins. People requiring relief from bedsores, patients recovering from recent surgeries, individuals requiring relief from pain and people suffering from spinal back pain, arthritis or decubitus ulcers can benefit greatly from sheepskins of this type. It is also ideal for people requiring support for joint stress.

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