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Maritime Laws

Transportation through sea has always been a risky business. The transporting companies always get their ship and the goods carried by it insured so that they don’t bear too much of loss if the ship meets an accident. If such a thing happens and the ship is lost then that ship becomes the salvaged property. If any other ship or vessel finds out the lost ship then they are entitled to receive the reward for that salvaged ship.

Many cargos ships get lost during their voyage because of the bad weather and unforeseen dangerous events. The finder of such ships can make a claim to the shipping company to pay him a part of the ships worth as a reward. This salvage reward is normally less than half of the total cost of the ship.

Towage contract

Considering the size of the ships, it is not easy to load the ships to their full capacity and make them reach the waters just by themselves. They need to be pulled or pushed by the boats in order to reach the desired waters. There are basically two types of boats used in this process. The boat which pulls the barge or ship is called the tug boat while the one which pushes is from the back is called the towboat.

The contracts regarding the tow and tug boats are governed by the maritime contract rules. Though the practice of written contracts is not followed in most of the countries, it is better to keep a written record of the towing contract.

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