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Makeshift Termite Baits – What you need and how it should be done

When termites start infesting establishments or homes, it is best to get their population controlled and eliminated before a huge deal of damage is done. Termite baits are popular choices of exterminating these pests and having an emergency extermination kit helps keeping them controlled until pest control services arrive to give the place a better evaluation and a more effective way of killing the termites. Here are some things you will need to start a makeshift termite bait box and what you have to do get it working.

A Sturdy Container


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White ant poison come in containers and have to be sturdy for two reasons: it can be installed above ground or underground. If you choose to have the bait buried underground for the termites to find and feast on, it should be able to survive being underground without fear of decomposing in just a matter of days. On the other hand, if you want to install the bait on ground level, it should be tough enough to withstand the elements. With this knowledge, the container in question has to be sturdy enough to serve its purpose well. These containers can come in the form of pieces of PVC pipes or unused, plastic boxes. Holes should be drilled on the bottom at a precise size of 10mm or 20mm in diameter so the termites can get inside. The top of the container should be easy for you to uncover so you can check it from time to time if it is infested with termites.

The Bait

Of course, you can’t attract termites in your termite baits without the food itself. Termites live on cellulose – an organic compound ever present in the fibers of plants. This is obviously found in paper and cardboard products and most of all, wood. Fill up your chosen container with clean sheets of paper, cardboard pieces and strips of untarnished wood and moisten them with water so it will make the termite attraction move faster. After all, the termite bait represents a free food-for-all with complimentary drinks to these foragers.

The Poison

With your termite baits ready, the only thing left to add now is the poison. There are a lot of termite toxicants available but of them can only be used by a pest control professional. The reason for this is that so that no one will get hurt accidentally during the process. These poisons can come in several forms including arsenic powder or edible termite poison. What will happen is that termites will take the spiked food back to the colony and ingest it. The others will follow suit, resulting in a massive death within a colony.