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Line Marking for Food and Drink Manufacturing Businesses

Line marking in industries, specially the food and drink manufacturing business is an important requisite. Even the Health and Safety Executive mentions the need to have line markings in this industry as it typically reports injuries twice that of other manufacturing industries. For this, the Line Markers Brisbane can surely be of big help.

Some simple rules to follow while line marking

When you hire a contractor for line marking your industry floor, make sure you assess the traffic routes used for supply transport and map out the system in place. Use the line markings to:

•    Make a one-way system with an organized traffic route that is safe for use

•    Demarcate the area used by vehicles and the area where vehicles can ply. This should be done both inside and outside of the buildings.

•    Mark separate entrance and exit doors for pedestrians and vehicles. As much as possible, try to ensure that vehicles and  pedestrian zones do not collide or mix.

•    Mark reversing zones and make sure that the need to reverse a vehicle is made minimal.

Line markings and employee safety

Line markings are an easy and cost effective way of improving the safety of your workers. As an employer, it is your responsibility to provide a safe working environment for your workers. Demarcating heavy and light traffic zones, pedestrian-only areas, vehicular zones, and exit and entrance doors to be used by various personnel in the work force is the first step in making employee safety a reality at your workplace. Hire line markers to do the markings in your workplace.