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Let LED Lead Your Way

As an LED Lighting Distributor, you should know every bits of information about the products you sell. It doesn’t only make your clients trust the quality of your products but your credibility as a distributor. There are a lot of advantages and benefits of the energy efficacy of LED light emitting diodes especially when you associate them to other energy-saving lighting methods that are accessible on the market today, you will notice that LED lighting is definitely the most power-saving method and a nifty solution.

Here are the things an LED Lighting Distributor must know about his lighting products for higher chances of selling a product
  • Long Life, the number one benefit of LED lights. Its bulb and diodes have an exceptional functioning life time expectancy of up to 100.00 hours. In another words, it can operate for 11 years or 22 years of 50% operation. LED’s are different to standard lighting: They don’t really wear out and stop working like a typical light.
  • Environmentally Friendly, LED lights are free of toxic chemicals unlike the typical fluorescent bulbs which contain a multitude of toxins like mercury that are hazardous for the surroundings.
  • As an LED Lighting Distributor, don’t forget to mention the Energy Efficacy of your LED lighting, with an estimated energy efficacy of 80%-90% as opposed to the regular lighting and conventional light bulbs.
  • Another thing is Zero UV Emissions, LED lights produces tiny amount of infrared light and nearly no UV emissions. This advantage makes LED lighting greatly suitable not only to sensitive goods and materials but also for lighting UV sensitive materials such as those in art galleries, museums, archaeological sites etc.
  • LED Lighting is Durable Quality, built with secure components that are highly rugged which can withstand even the roughest situations. They are good outdoor lighting system because LED lights are resistant to shock, vibrations and peripheral impacts. They can withstand wind, rain or even outer vandalism, manufacturing sites or construction and traffic related coverage.
  • Design Flexibility, LED can come in any shape to create highly effectual lighting. Well-designed LED can attain fantastic lighting effects, not only for the sight but as well as for the mood and the mind.
  • Functional in Extremely Cold or Hot Temperatures, LED are perfect for operation below cold and low open-air temperature settings.

Contact the team on taking the role of an LED Lighting Distributor, these benefits may give you an advantage in convincing your customers to patronize your products. LED lighting Technology has taken an important role in science and technology over these years because of its advantages, make use of it and be progressive with your chosen business.