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Learn About The Different Types Of Bollards

What are bollards? In the online dictionary, bollard is described as a short thick post that is used for various functions. However, the most common functions are related to traffic and used as posts to hold a boat. There are many types of bollards and many looks as well. They are even modified to also add aesthetics and they come in different colors. As mentioned, bollards can be used in so many ways like they are even now used as decorations and protection to a building so that it will not be affected in any road accidents especially if the building is beside a busy road. You can make use of bollards as well if you have your own business shop right away beside the road. You can never tell what will happen and being careful can’t hurt. After all, even if your shop is insured, it will still take a long time before you can resume business again if something will happen.

As mentioned above, there are many types of bollards and they are enumerated below:


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  • The first type is the embedded bollards. Just as the term suggests, embedded bollards are embedded into the ground for more strength. They can be in any kind of material like metal, wood or concrete. However, note that the strength of this type will depend not only in the material used but in the environment where it is embedded and how deep it is embedded. The price will also depend on that as well.
  • There are also the surface mounted bollards which are obviously just mounted on the surface making use of anchor systems. This type of bollard is not really that strong thus most of the time, they are just use as barriers or their presence is simply the function. They are like line markings that merely provide instructions and maybe minimal protection though it will also depend on the type of anchor system that is incorporated.
  • Rebounding bollards are the latest addition to the bollard industry. This type of bollard is like a consolidation of embedded and surface mounted bollards. In here, when a vehicle will accidentally bump into it, the impact is not as strong as the ordinary bollard because of its elasticity feature. The bollard will kind of tilt a little and then will just return to its original position.
  • And the last is the retractable or removable bollard. Again, as the name suggests, this type of bollard can be removed or retracted so that what used to be a denied for access area can be access. This should be good when only for temporary reasons, an area cannot be accessed like some activities are going on. For example line marking is currently executed or a construction is going on, then they will use this type of bollard. Though there are also times when retractable bollards are permanently embedded like it will just be sucked in so that you can’t see the bollard anymore except for its top view.

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