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Know about various designs of kitchens before starting the designing project

The designs of the new kitchens Sydney are the major factors that may affect the functionality, and thus, it is essential to choose the proper option.  If you want to start the design process, then it is best to know something about the different layouts.


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One-wall- It is originally known as the Pullman kitchen. This type of kitchen layout is usually noticed in farmhouse or loft areas. The cabinets and the equipments are placed on one single wall. Many contemporary designs also comprise an island that develops the room into a kind of Galley mode with walk-through passageway.

Galley- It is an efficient design that is perfect for smaller rooms or one-cook kitchen. This galley type, also known as the walk-through kitchen style, is distinguished by two walls contrary to each other. Galleys create the most excellent application of each square unit of space. There are no complicated corner cupboards to arrange.

L-Shape- This layout of kitchens can solve the trouble of maximizing space of the corner, and this is a stylish design for medium or small sized cooking room. The flexible L-shaped room comprises countertops on 2 adjacent walls, which are vertical and create an L. The props of the L may be as lengthy as you like, although keeping it less than twelve to fifteen feet will enable you to professionally utilize the space.

Moreover, with this L-shaped design, you will remove traffic; your kitchen will not turn out to be a thoroughfare as it is just not possible logistically. Besides, you may easily include a dining area and various work zones to such arrangement. However, stay away from this layout, when your cooking room is big. You can go for other configurations.

Horseshoe- It is the U-shaped kitchen, and includes three walls of cupboards or appliances. In the present age, this design has developed from 3 walls to L-shaped design with an island creating third wall. Such design functions well as it allows the flow of traffic and work on all sides of the island.

Island- Kitchen Island can consist of appliances along with cabinetry to store something. It often adds extra work surface and may offer a position to eat, to arrange food items (with one sink) and also to keep drinks (with your wine cooler).

All these layouts for kitchens are related to the shape and size of a room. You can discuss with your designer to find the best layout and theme of the cooking area.