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Job Responsibilities of a Fruit Picker

Do you love outdoor tasks and like being in close affinity with nature? Does the idea of spending long breezy summer/ autumn days under the lush canopies of trees thrill you? Are you looking for a quick job that won’t require any specialised skills but will bring in easy money? Have you come abroad for a holiday and are now looking for a way to fund your trip at the working hostel in Sydney? If your answer is yes to all/any of these then fruit picking is the perfect match for you.

Things you are expected to do     

You will have to sieve through huge bundles of fruits and fresh produce and discard ones that are rotten, overripe or full of spots. You may have to operate the local farm machinery which is used for harvesting vegetables and fruits. If you do not know how to operate the machinery, you will probably have to learn.

The next step is to load the freshly picked farm produce in the huge containers. The loading must be done with all kinds of precautions to ensure that no damage occurs to the product. You will have to drive vehicles in order to deliver fruits, organic produce and other items to the packing lot. According to work flow of the farm you are employed, you may be expected to lend a hand in sorting out and packing the produce.

The perks of the job are that you will have your evenings and nights free to take in the local attractions. You will regain fitness from all the outdoor work out and fresh produce that you consume.

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