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Is There A Right Weather To Paint Your Home?

The climate of Australia is varied because of the vast size of the country. But rainfall is more frequent in the winters and heaviest in the summers. Some parts in Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales experience snowfall as well in the winter months. The best time to paint your house in the Australian Capital Territory is in the dry and hot summers.

In New South Wales however, the winters are generally drier and cooler, so commercial painters recommend painting a house in the winter season. Majority of the Queensland area receives its maximum rainfall in the hot and sticky months of summer. So the right time to paint your house in Queensland should be winter which is characterised by minimal rainfall and warm temperatures.

South Australia on the other hand has dry and hot summers with mild wet winters. In this case, if you live in South Australia, you would probably like to wield the bulk paint brushes in the summer season.

The tropical coastal regions can get heavier rainfall compared to regions inland, though the latter can receive significant amounts of heavy downpour during this wet summer season. As you can understand, this is probably the worst time to paint a house, especially the exteriors because of the rains and high monsoon humidity.

However, the monsoon season is followed by the mild conditions and clear skies of the dry season known as winter which is often the best time to paint your house. This is also the best time to do some repairs in your house, contact property maintenance service near you.

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