Interesting Mobile Website Design

Smart phones are now widely used for web browsing. It is also one area where website designers can unleash their creative side and make mobile browsing as enjoyable and friendly as web browsing with the use of a laptop.

Simplicity is the name of the game

Keep the mobile website design as simple as possible. Remember that the screen is not as large so be sure that only pertinent information is included in the webpage. Avoid using too much graphics for it will only make mobile browsing less-convenient. A user friendly yet informative is what website designers always do.

Be concise

Users who use their mobile for browsing want nothing but concise and fast information. Mobile website design must do away with so much taps and swipes. The information must be readily available without having to redirect the users to another site.

Opening the door

Create a website design where the users are automatically directed to the mobile webpage version. The servers must be able to identify that a mobile is used for browsing when entering a webpage. Open the door and direct he users to the mobile page.

The context

Put your shoes on the webpage user. Think it over as to what information do they like to get from that webpage. They can be looking for the direction, the working hours, and so on and do forth. When creating a mobile website design, do away with biographies or the history of the company.

Screen design

There are certain rules to obey when designing a webpage for mobile. First, the size of the buttons is a big factor. Create a tap button that is large enough to lead the users to the right page. Then, the space between the button. If you fail to provide an ample space between texts, the users will have to repeat the process of tapping. Then, prevent from including too much graphics because they will only take up so much space in the mobile webpage.


Make sure that the mobile website design is compatible on different operating systems. Regardless whether a user uses an ios or android device, the important thing is that they will be able to access the web page with ease.

Zoom galleries

Users must be able to use the zoom and view the pictures in clear and crisp version in a close-up detail. The operational system in mobile devices is now in an advanced level and mobile web browsing has never been friendlier and easy to navigate. Mobile website design is a growing business because it allows people to stay connected even from a distance.

More and more people are using internet. With the continuous demand for a user friendly mobile website, a company should not disregard the  website optimisation as part of online marketing strategy. This will surely help you gain a better ranking online.