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Integrate MYOB and CRM for Increased Profits

It is a well-known fact that customers make a business viable and customer satisfaction is one of your prime focus areas. That is the reason why you use top-notch Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for managing your regular customer communication needs.  Similarly, finance and account is the other important segment of your business and you use professional accounting software such as MYOB to manage your regular accounting process. However, did you know that CRM and MYOB can be easily integrated with each other so as to help you manage your contacts and improve your profits significantly?

What Is CRM Software Used For?

The specific purpose of CRM software is to help you manage customer response in an organized manner. CRM software is optimized for workflow automation, managing structured data such as customer details; contact number; feedback etc, managing unstructured data such as emails and informal communication and analyzing all such reports for extraction of information important to your business.

Integrating CRM with MYOB

As is apparent, CRM and MYOB are completely different software with different focus and application. Each serves a different purpose and integrating them may not seem to be feasible or desirable. However, as an astute businessman you will be glad to know that integrating CRM and MYOB can help your business grow in more ways than you ever knew.

Although CRM allows you to enter all customer information and keep tab on their activities with relation to your company, this doesn’t really allow you to relate such information with your sales target.