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Inline Skates

The crescent or banana setup includes two 76mm wheels on both ends & two 80mm wheels in the middle. So when the skater is standing on a flat surface, only two of the four wheels touch the ground.

As it provides more versatility in movement and demands a lot of self balance, it is preferred by experienced skaters. So this setup is for people who want some fun, flexibility & freestyle in skating.

Aggressive setups

There is a wide range of in line skates that are used for aggressive skating. A Hi-Lo Setup is one of them, that has two smaller inner wheels & two outer wheels which are bigger. It has an extra benefit of getting more space to grind in between the wheels, on the H block & and gives a flat setup all together.

Anti rocker skates are another kind of inline skates that has more aggressiveness in its style and structure. Compared to others, it lacks stability. It is because it has a small hard wheel, instead of the two middle wheels that are usually seen in inline skates.

So it never touches the ground except when the skater is moving through an uneven path. This structure delivers relatively slower speed, more flexibility in movements such as swift jump offs, circles and squares. Grinding objects is much easier as there is a lot of space in between the wheels.

Freestyle setup is similar, where instead of the middle wheel, there is empty space. The skating experience will be far wilder & aggressive, than of anti rocker skates.

Tri rocker comes with a smart combination of flat setup and anti rocker. The innovative arrangement of wheels is characterized by presence of only one wheel in the middle. And the remaining space could be either be empty or have a grind block, or even have an anti rocker wheel.

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