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Indications of Inadequate Sub-floor Ventilation

Damp and mold are common signs of improper ventilation.

Many times we see warped or rotting floorboards in a house. These are clear indicators that there is high moisture content which could be the result of poor ventilation provided for the sub floor.

Some houses sport a distinct musty smell. Many times this dank smell is found in cupboards ad closets too. This is another pointer that there is lack of satisfactory ventilation in the sub flooring of the house.

In other instances, there are subtle indications of insufficient ventilation in wooden floors. This could be coldness or wetness on the ground under the house.     

All the above factors could have serious health effects on the inhabitants of the home. This could include asthma and related ailments to say the least.

Inspection report before buying a house under consideration

Prevention is better than cure, they say, and rightly so! It is very important to know before you buy a property what you are getting into. It is always advisable to obtain a Building inspections report before buying any property. This will apprise you of the existing problems, if any, in the real estate property.

Once you know the problems, it is easy to decide whether these problems can be taken care of with minor repairs. If they can be remedied with small repairs, then this information comes in handy in negotiating the price for the house. Building inspections also bring to light any serious problems that may be present in the house.

Wooden floors are best investment when you are planning to renovate your home. They are easy to maintain and can bring a warmth feeling on your home interior. Check here