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Importance of CRM System and Accounting Software Integration

Time is equivalent to money in business terms. With increase in customers, and complexity in managing things, CRM and accounting software complement each other and are very important for a business. Here are a few reasons that state their importance.

Easy reporting

MYOB integrated CRM can help you access reports anytime, anywhere. You can also get personalized reports on any area of your business, and track the progress real-time. You don’t have to go back to your accounts and sales department separately.

Quick responses to customers

Integrated systems provide a competitive edge to a business by allowing quicker replies to customers. Lead management is easy, and data is immediately available for internal use. These also provide immediate updates on the order status, pricing and other details. Sending out documents and data across geographical locations takes seconds, reducing the cycle time for a business. More quickly the customer is replied to, more the satisfaction rates.

No data duplication

There is no duplication of data, as the data passes through a layer of validation processes. Manual data entry can otherwise lead to errors. In an integrated system, data accuracy is improved and measures are present to ensure all the teams are working with the latest version of the data, avoiding double entries.

Save more time and money

There are a lot of software available – that can help integrate your sales and accounts data. These systems save a lot of effort and time by doing a few things automatically or by a click of a button. E.g. MYOB and CRM can together work to reduce the number of employees you’re hiring for a particular task. This saves money too. Integrate your system today to gain an advantage over your competitor and to enlighten your customer