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Ideas For The Perfect Bride

Who ever wondered airplants could be turned into bridal bouquets? But yes, you can turn them out into a bouquet. These look modern and stylish too. If crafted and cut well, they can compete with original flowers.

Yarn ball bouquets

These bouquets are made up of yarn balls. They look ethereal and vibrant. You can’t really experiment a lot with the shape of the bouquets, however, can always play with colours. These bouquets are rare and can simply grab someone’s attention.

Metal wire bouquets

These are made up of modern metal wires. They are totally extra ordinary and architectural. You can tuck a few fresh flowers, and make the wires look like a base. Or, you can also spray paint them with different colours to match the theme of the event or dress of the bride.

Fabric bouquets

These are made up of different types of fabrics. You can use different fabrics matching the back-drop, the table top, the bride’s dress, the curtains or the theme. Various fabric types can be cut in shapes, size and combined to give a brighter, fuller and more contemporary look.

Apart from these, there are other types too. All depends on how wide the imagination can go. Bridal bouquets with stylish frames, bouquet handles, wires, natural plant fibres and artificial jewellery are innovative in nature, and can add to the beauty of the bride. After selecting the right bouquet, get set to look beautiful on your D – Day!

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