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How to Understand the Number of Boxes you Need for a Move

Your new home in a new place is beautiful and you are eager to move in there. Then, there is the matter of moving from your old place. And moving can be a stressful affair, especially if you have not planned well. You may not understand it in the beginning as you would be too excited to go to your new place. But as the days pass by and the moving day approaches, you will begin to feel the stress. Hence careful planning is extremely important. Hiring Removalists Adelaide may take some stress off your shoulders, but you should realize you have to do a lot of work too. Understanding the number of boxes to use while moving is one of the important things.


If your place has about 2-3 rooms, you may need 10 small, 10 medium and 3 big sized boxes. If your place has about 3-5 rooms, you will probably need 15 small, 20 medium and 10 large sized boxes. And if your place has more than 5 rooms, you may need 25 small, 25 medium and 20 large sized boxes to pack your items comfortably. Also, make sure to have a few rolls of tape and bubble wrap and paper for safe packing.

In the end, furniture removals agency will pack most of the bigger items and speed up the process, but then, packing smaller and delicate items is your responsibility. So keep in mind the above mentioned things and pack carefully.