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How to Treat Insomnia?

You are tired from over work and may get into your cosy bed to sleep. But, your thought process does not allow you to get a sound sleep. You keep tossing and turning in the bed the whole night and the clock strikes 6.00 in the morning, reminding you that you have to get up from the bed and attend your work. At the work place you find yourself sleeping, feeling exhausted and irritated. This condition might look casual but it is a sign of a chronic disorder called “Insomnia”.

Solution to Insomnia

Adjusting your sleep patterns at home for short term insomnia can improve your sleep quality. Sticking to a day- night routine and going to bed only when you feel sleepy is a very effective method. Do not take naps during the day. Do not exercise strenuously before going to bed. Cut down smoking and drinking. Avoid the intake of tea and other caffeinated drinks before going to bed.

Set your mind to associate your bed only to sleeping and stop worrying, reading or watching television when in bed. Wake up every morning at the same time regardless of how much sleep you have had. Avoid “judging” your sleep on a day- to –day basis.

Chronic insomnia, which occurs due to lack of sleep from several days in a row can be treated by maintaining good “sleep hygiene”. Relaxation techniques like meditation and muscle relaxation will help greatly.

Some people are having difficulty sleeping because of drinking too much coffee. You should avoid this if it also causes you other symptoms.

Cognitive therapy with one-on-one counselling, stimulus control therapy and sleep restriction therapy are the other techniques. Sleeping pills and antidepressants are also prescribed by a few doctors.

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