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How to Take Care of Your Cleaning Rugs

If you don’t vacuum your rug regularly then in time you will see that moth infestation has formed thin cloudy veils on your rugs. This damage can quickly spread to woolen clothes kept in the same room if it’s not controlled.

Use products chiefly designed for killing moths on your rug. If you use an ordinary insecticide you may end up causing more damage.

Damage by a vacuum cleaner

The fact that you can damage your rug accidentally while vacuuming might sound strange as regular vacuuming is always recommended for rug maintenance. The danger here is from a beater bar or a power brush which is a common vacuum cleaner accessory.

These power brushes can shred the delicate fringes of your oriental rug and cause it to destroy. Even if you are using the cleaner regularly make sure that you don’t rub it tightly over the rug surface.

Damage by chemicals

You will have to check with rug cleaners to see what kind of products they are using for maintenance of your rug. If a cleaner is using chlorine bleach then it’s going to affect the health and longevity of your rug.

Using chlorine based bleaches is a common technique used by Rug cleaning who want to give their customers the impression that the rug is now “as good as new”. What they end up doing is to damage the rug to a large extent as the fibers weaken over time under the influence of the chlorine based bleach.

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Did you know that a counter top water cooler should not be place on a rug. Chances are, occasional spill from it might cause a problem in the long run. Just place your water cooler on top of a table.