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How to Stay in Shape using Exercise Equipments

Lifting weights has its spectacular effects on the whole body. It tones various parts of your body such as; shoulders, arms and stomach abs. Gyms generally do keep all types of weights. You can go ahead with D-shaped hand weights.

Having a padded brace in the middle, they are comfortable to hold in both the hands. When you come in comfort zone with a particular weight limit, you can gradually try heavier weights.

Resistance Tubing or Bands

Resistance tubing and bands involve the whole body in the exercise. You can even purchase these exercise equipment because they are not very expensive, and can easily be stored anywhere in the home. These are used for developing strength and enhancing the endurance of body.

Moving your body in various positions, repetitions are made with resistance tubing and bands. You can step by step increase your repetitions.

Standing Bicycles

Unlike treadmill and elliptical machine which puts much pressure on your knees, standing bicycle keeps your weight stable on the seat of bicycle and your knees becomes free. For beginners, obese and unfit people, standing bicycles are the best option of exercise.

The right use of standing machine seeks your straight posture. And the front parts of your feet should be there on the paddle. Otherwise, the whole pressure will have to borne by your knees and also, your legs will remain devoid of the full circular movements. Being a sober form of exercise, calories burnt with the use of standing bicycle are comparatively lesser than other exercise equipment.

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