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How to Secure Your Windows Against Intruders

Securing our home against burglars is a tasked that needs special attention. After all, it is we and our family who are at risks against them. Windows at higher levels are equally vulnerable as they can be accessed from a tree or a ladder if left unsecured. Further, you should change your cracked glasses, corroded frames and rusted locks regularly. Security screen provides professional service when it comes to installing security screens.


Security Screens, Shutters & Bars

You can always consider security screens and security shutter for your windows. They are a bit expensive but are really effective in deterring thieves & burglars. These security screens are ideal for those who love to keep their windows open as they make a lot of noise if somebody tries to break in.

Security bars are often used to secure windows located on the ground level or basement. But you should ensure that security bars include a quick-release mechanism on the inside so that in case of fire or other hazard, you could easily vacate your home.

Security Alarms

You can always use electronic security devices such as wireless alarms which are inexpensive but very effective. You may attach the windows to a central home security alarm system. For installation of this device, you may contact security alarms Brisbane.

If any windows are tampered with or broken in, you and the police will be immediately alerted. If you don’t have a central home security alarm system, you can install an alarm decal on individual windows. ¬†Air con

General Security

There are several other points that should be taken care of for home security. If you have many windows on your lower level floor or basement, ensure that the windows are not hidden with tall scrubs and bushes. Trim trees and shrubs around windows or have rosebushes or any thorny bush around the windows for protection. You may also check out curtains here.

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