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How to Reuse Old Papers for Various other Purposes

You might often feel guilty in some corner of your heart while throwing away waste newspaper, junk paper and flyers without even using them properly. Though you know that these can be recycled and made new again, at some point you may start thinking as to how you could reuse these papers for some purposeful work. Paper supplies are available in plenty, but only when utilized optimally will their making be worth of.

Clean glass

You could make your glass mirrors and windows sparkle with a newspaper and a spray. Also vinegar when sprayed on glass and rubbed with a newspaper in circular direction, will erase any spots or marks present on the glass. You could also use horizontal and vertical strokes on the glass to wipe it off clean. Newspaper contains print ink, which acts as a sandpaper against the glass, making the surface shiny. This way you even avoid using chemicals which might not be very effective on glass.


If you are thinking as to how you could ship your fragile goods without causing them any damage, paper can be your choice. Paper supplies are usually available in abundance and can be used for packing the outer area of a fragile item. This will avoid any wastage on foam or bubble sheet. Also paper can be used as padding for the goods, and you can be rest assured that your goods have a good cushion effect and will travel safe.  B

Being creative is important as you can use papers on several purposes.