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How To Reduce The Costs Of Skip Hire

From garden clean ups to throwing away used old furniture, Skip bins from GT Skips is affordable and easy way to dispose unwanted waste. There are a number of ways to save money and to ensure that one needs to find the best cheap skip hire deal for his or her requirements.

So, what can be done to reduce skip hire costs?

Select the proper size of skip

Certainly, the smaller the skip, the lesser the costs of skip hire. If someone chooses a skip that is too large, he or she will have to pay more than the usual cost, but if he or she chooses a skip that is too small, then it will be left with unnecessary waste. Selecting the right skip size is very important to ensure that a person receive the best skip hire deal.

Know what can & can’t be placed in Skip

Not everything can be putted into a skip, as some materials are deemed unsuitable or hazardous. Everyone should check his or her skip hire company first to ensure all of the waste will be accepted.

If waste items are not allowed in a skip, anyone can contact his or her local council to find out what disposal or recycling services they can provide.

One can save money by knowing what he or she is and isn’t allowed to throw away.

Avoided Overloading the skip

It’s important that skip items not to be overloaded, not least as it will require safely lifting and removing. An overloaded skip may result in the vehicle exceeding its legal weight limit, which can cause a fine for the driver. This is why, now a day’s many skip hire companies reserve the right to reject collection and apply an additional charge if your skip is filled beyond the top of the container.

Avoided placing restricted items in it

Additional fees and fines and may be imposed if anyone place restricted items into your skip. Different skip hire companies often put their own restrictions. If anyone put items in a skip that are not allowed, then skip hire company may reject to take the skip away or may impose a penalty for the separation of the waste. In some cases, putting the incorrect items in a skip can be a criminal offense.

Donate, Recycle or Sell Items

Anyone can reduce the skip size and thus lessen the skip hire costs, by decreasing the amount of waste he or she has. There are several ways for that. Someone can donate, recycle or Sell his or her additional items to reduce required skip size. There is a range of donation and recycling options available now. Items such as used furniture can often be sold, and there are a number of great websites available, where anyone can sell his or her items for free.

There are items that can often be sold, recycled or donated, rather than thrown in a skip, include bathroom and kitchen fittings (for instance, cabinets ,bath tub), furniture, gas cookers , garden accessories and many more.

Using recycling bins, bags and boxes is great ways to reduce skip hire costs, and it ensures that no one is paying more than he or she needs to.