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How to Plan a Wedding Reception Menu?

To make the wedding day more special and interesting for the guests, food quality is very important and to get premium catering services you would need the set the menu correctly. Arranging in advance will make the wedding day much more special for the bride and the groom.  Last minute arrangement can be disappointing for the bride, groom and the guests. Therefore, considering a few things can help you plan the wedding reception menu beyond expectations. It will be best if you visit your caterer and check out their catering equipment.


 Following a good selection procedure to get the best catering services will be worth the time and money spent on arrangement. A well established catering company should be searched online or you can take references from your friends and relatives. Food should not only be of good quality but the way it is served must also be given importance. Check the variety, analyze the cost and before you finalize one, do a proper check by researching about their services. They should be able to provide delicious and economic meal that is remembered by the guests for long. It would be a plus factor if they will be using Maxwell Williams brand during the wedding.

Variety and guest size

If the guest size is large, more variety is appreciated. This can be achieved well by a little more planning.  You need to check every recipe as some have to be prepared in advance and some on the day of the wedding. Confirming with the caterer in advance will keep everything proper. When the number of guests is more, snacks, drinks and additional number of waiters are appreciated so, enjoyment is doubled. Everyone should be served in an appropriate way.

Aside from catering service, you should have something that can make your guest more entertained, try to have a photobooth hire.