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How to Organize a Casino Night Fundraiser?

Raising fund for a good social cause or a noble aim is one of the best reasons you can have when you are planning a casino night. However the point is that you need to do a lot of planning before hand to ensure the roaring success of your  casino theme party.

Fix your goals and draw a revenue map

The ultimate aim of all fundraisers is essentially the same. You have to raise money for a cause. The problem is to define exactly how much money you want to raise. Unless that is fixed you will have a lot of difficulty in settling down on prices of tickets and determining the ceiling for your expenses. Naturally, you will want to settle on a practical plan that leaves you with maximum possible revenue with minimum expenditure.

The revenue will rush in through either/all of these sources; sold tickets, sponsorship deals, auctions, food and drink sales. The sale of tickets is a crucial area because this happens to be the main source of revenue for most fundraisers. If you can arrange for one sponsor per table make sure that the value of sponsorship is not less than $100. Aim to contact businessmen for sponsorship so that they can promote their own goods at the table.

Lovely decorations

There is a lot of variety when it comes to casino night decoration themes. You can have a pirate theme casino night or a glitzy LA style party. The decoration will be vastly different in both cases. Most casino party rental services will give you a range of options to choose from when it comes to decor ideas. You can select a theme which will go well with the age group and preferences of your guest list. Having a dress code is appropriate.

Fix the menu

The food in your casino party should be light and casual in keeping with the ambience. Your guests are mostly going to focus on drinks and the casino games so don’t keep anything too serious or expensive on the menu.

Lots of tasty nibbles circulating around with an innovative spread in the buffet style should suffice. Any dish which is loaded with gravy should be avoided as you don’t want gravy to stain the rented equipment coming in from blackjack table hire.