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How to make a Plan before Changing your Website

Your business website is one of your most powerful marketing tools. It is through this medium that prospective customers can become loyal regulars if they like what they see. The website conveys your company’s mission and vision in an attractive and lucid manner by using interesting content; informative data; graphics; animation; video and much more.

You must update your website regularly so that visitors come back repeatedly for the latest information regarding your company or niche industry. But don’t go about the process in an arbitrary manner. Plan your changes meticulously, prepare your brief thoroughly and contact a Software development company to give shape to your ideas.

Check out Competitors’ Sites

It always pays to check out websites of your competitors. To do this; go to both Google and Yahoo, enter keywords related to your industry/products/services and go through the top ten websites that come up in the search engine results. These top ten websites are the ones that compete for visibility and business with your business website. See if you find anything interesting in the sites that you feel would create an edge for you.

Understand how your competitor’s are wooing customers; displaying their business strengths; projecting their company image and so on. This will give you a good idea on what your website is missing and how you can redesign it for maximum benefit. Talk about these when you discuss the project with web design company.

You should also see if your own website features in the top ten results. If not, it’s definitely time for you to go for web design company