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How To Go About Steam Cleaning Your Carpet

In the search for a way to have and maintain clean carpets, carpet steam cleaning comes as one of the best ways. Carpets are indeed expensive, and the best way to preserve their beauty and maintain them in good shape for a long time can only be through regularly cleaning it using a good method. You can choose to steam clean the carpet yourself, or you may choose to hire the services of a cleaning company. If you must do it by yourself, you need to have a good understanding of how to go about lest you end up destroying your carpet.

Steam cleaning a carpet

The whole idea of carpet steam cleaning a carpet involves the use of a carpet cleaner that uses hot water and a suctioning method in tandem. This is a very effective combination that loosens the dust, dirt, debris and other types of stains from the rugs and carpets. The suctioning power of the steam cleaner produces steam from the hot water fed into the cleaner. This steam blows out the dirt from the carpets. This process, however, involves several steps and may require a lot of expertise to do it successfully.

The steps are as follows:

1. First get yourself a good steam cleaner machine. A good machine should be able to remove all the unwanted materials and powerful enough to remove maximum water and does not dent the carpet’s appearance. A machine that removes maximum water will avoid overwetting your carpet and allows it to dry faster.

2. Always choose a day when the weather is dry and warm to do the cleaning so that your carpet can dry faster.

3. Use just a little amount of the cleaning solution whose pH should be less than 10 in order to prevent damaging carpet fiber and dyes.

4. Fill the steam cleaner with hot water and then add the cleaning solution as per the manufacturer’s recommendation.

5. Always clean from one end to the other so that you don’t end up dirtying the are you had initially cleaned.

6. It is important that you aim at extracting as much cleaning solution as you can by ensuring you do a few rounds on the carpet.

7. Once you finish cleaning, fill the steam cleaner with clean water for rinsing the carpet. Make sure you do this thoroughly so that no cleaning solution remains on the carpet.

8. You can now dry your carpet using a dehumidifier or by hanging out in the sun.

Carpet steam cleaning stands as one of the easiest and the best ways of getting your carpet clean in a very short duration. It’s time you get a steam cleaner or recruit the services of a cleaner so that you can enjoy this service.

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