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How to Generate Funds for Casino Party Fundraiser

Casino party is one of the most sought-after event in Australia. For this reason, some people are using this event to generate funds for a cause. What follows are some of the ways on how you can do it.

Money making from the sale of party tickets

The single most important task in making a fund raising event a success is selling tickets to the event to as many people as possible. The ticket price for casino parties can vary according to the audience and the number of inclusions in the ticket such as food, wine, free game and so on. Giving discounts on tickets is a great incentive and will make more people buy it. You can give discounts on the pre-sold tickets, keeping tickets bought after a certain date or at the venue at a slightly higher cost.

Keep tournament tables

Designate one or two tables apart from the table used for general play as “Tournament tables”. Texas Hold’em and Blackjack are the popular tournament games. Players participating in the game can contribute a donation to your organization and receive additional chips to use only at that tournament table and only for a specified period of time. The player with most chips is declared the winner at the end of play. If interested, you can contact casino table hire company.

These are the two most widely used methods to generate revenue from charity casino parties. You can also sell ‘drink tickets’ if the entrance fee to the party is not very high and the tickets are inclusive of drinks, which can be used to buy free drinks at a sponsor’s counter. It is important though to keep an eye on the bar while using it to generate funds.