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How to Determine the Extent of your Break from Work after Suffering an Injury

A debilitating personal injury can cause you to take a long time off from work. The extent of your break from work would depend on how much time the doctors envision it would take you to recover from the injury but other practical factors would also have to be considered.

Consult your physician and take his advice

No one knows better than your physician how much time an injury can take to heal. But the time frame given by your physician can be an approximation at the best, because our bodies’ healing capacity differs from person to person. So follow the advice given by your doctor and do all that you can to recover faster. The time window given by your physician can act as a baseline for figuring out how much leave you need to take.

Keep consulting your physician regularly and follow his instructions. Many a times, people have recovered from a debilitating injury faster than anticipated due to their own will power. Our body is an amazing machine, and a healthy body will fight diseases and injuries faster and better and will bounce back earlier than an unhealthy body.

Ask Insurance Authority

If your damages are being covered and you are financially secure, you can afford to take a longer leave and if the alternative holds true, then you may have to return to work slightly earlier than expected. Whatever the verdict, be sure to keep your insurance company aware of the developments and take their advice as well while deciding the leave duration.

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