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How To Decide On What Cake To Have For Your Wedding

Deciding on a wedding cake is an important part of wedding planning. Some couples opt to have chiffon while others want to have cheesecake. The demand for wedding cakes would usually soar during the months of June and December as most couples find these months to be a more memorable time for marriage.

Choosing a wedding cake is actually not easy. There are a lot of things to decide on this matter. You need to figure out several details regarding the structure, size, shape, and other qualities. It is also a must for you to find a reputable baker you will be entrusting the work to. Even the final design of the cake, you have to consider that seriously.

There are several things to take into account when choosing a wedding cake. Having a clear idea on what your cake will be is easier for wedding cakes Brisbane too. Here are some of the things to decide on regarding the cake you want to have for your wedding reception.

First of all, you have to pick a cake shape. You have the round shape for simplicity and elegance. The square cake suits a stylish and modern wedding while scalloped is for traditional themes. The pillow shape is a luxurious shape for wedding cakes while the heart shape generally implies youth and fun. You also have the unique and funky topsy turvy shape to choose for this.

You also need to consider what type and filling you will opt for in the wedding cake. Examples of the type and filling you can choose from include the popular options of sponge, chiffon, fruitcake, cheesecake, and chocolate. At times, there are couples who choose to have fresh strawberries, raspberry cream, Belgian chocolate, and lemon sherbet too.

Cake decorations should be carefully considered as well. You can have icing and white sugar paste flowers. You can choose to add those sweet and edible pearls and gems. If your baker is skilled enough, you can opt to have a shimmer of silver and gold leaf on the cake or a piping of floral designs. Natural options are available too, namely flowers and fruits. Other options include trims and paints.

Never forget about the cake toppers. There are couples who opt to use their favorite pictures as a wedding cake topper while there are those couples who prefer to go the traditional way by using miniature models of the bride and groom. There are many out-of-the-box alternatives that the couples can choose from these days that can make the best cake topper for your wedding cake nowadays.

Many other details regarding the wedding cake should be considered. You do not want to make the wrong choice with the cake, especially since this is going to be for a very memorable time of your life. Make sure that everything is picture perfect by meticulously choosing the details of your cake. You can ask for the assistance of your chosen baker to help you decide what cake details to choose.