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How To Deal With Blocked Drains

We all understand the importance of a functioning kitchen and bathroom sink. It is thus very important to keep these two parts of the house extremely clean. However, with the bathroom sink being used on a daily basis for combing hair, brushing teeth, shaving and the kitchen sink receiving dirty plates, pots, spoons every single day; it is very likely that you are going to encounter blocked drains every now and then.

A blocked drain can result in flooding and very unpleasant odors. It is therefore important to address this problem as soon as it occurs. Here are a few tips on unblocking drains.

• Using natural agents

This method is friendlier for our environment and safer to use. Start by removing all water from your sink. Next, pour about half a cup of baking soda in the blocked drain. Follow this up with boiling water and give it time to go down.

Add another cup of baking soda and follow it up with a cup of white vinegar. There will be bubbling g from the drain, wait for the bubbles to settle, then pour in more boiling water not the drain.

You should repeat this every month to avoid blocked drains.

• Chemical agents

These chemicals are readily available in supermarkets and home improvement stores. All you need to do is pour the chemical into the drain and it will in turn dissolve any greasy sediments in the drain. It is however important to first read the instructions so you know how you should use it to avoid contamination.

You should also note that different levels of blockage require different chemical concentrations, so carefully read the instructions.

• Eliminating odors

Odors are usually as a result of prolonged blockages such that the solid materials in the drain start rotting and the bacteria that grows then release the bad odors. Frequently cleaning your kitchens and bathroom sinks and also addressing any blockages is a sure way to keep your drains odor-free. Don’t pour any greasy fluids into the drain as this will eventually lead to blocked drains.

Place a sieve in your kitchen sink to prevent any food bits from going down the drain and eventually draining your kitchen drains. For your bathroom sink, place a sink plug on the drain before using it to prevent hair blockages and other debris.

These three tips will help reduce your plumbing problems, but if you want an instant result you might as well call Blocked drain North Sydney for a professional fast service.