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How to Choose the Roller Skate Size

If you are beginner, you will not be able to learn the basic easily with the wrong sized roller blades. In addition, you will not get the right grip on the skating floor, making it difficult for you to skate. The probability of falling and getting injured while skating with bigger sized roller skates is higher. Wearing smaller size roller blades will also cause cramps on your foot as it is too tight.

Roller skate conversion size

If you are converting your indoor skates for outdoor, you need to know the right conversion sizes. In most cases, it will begin with 9 1/4″ for ladies with skate size of six and goes on till 11 11/16″ for ladies with skate size of 14. In men’s size, it starts with 9 1/4″ for the skate size of 5 and goes on till 10 11/16″ for the skate size of 10. For many women, they would find an appropriate size in the men’s conversion charts.

Feel the roller skates

Once you wear the roller skates, it is necessary to try skating with it. Just skate a small distance to see if you are comfortable with the size and the straps of the roller skates. If the roller blades feel too loose, ask for a smaller size in the men’s section.

Always remember to wiggle your toes to know if your feet are not getting crammed. Also put your weight heels of the skate, so that you know the balance on the feet.

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