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How to Choose an AC for Your Office?

When you live in a country like Australia, with a harsh climate to contend with, you need your work environment to be peaceful and enjoyable and not hot and sticky. This is why investing in commercial air conditioning for your office is such a preferred option because it not only provides a good work environment but also a pleasant setting for you and your employees to relax in.

Understanding your needs

Commercial air conditioners come in various sizes and builds. To choose the right one you have to analyze the size of your office, window dimensions, presence of heat generating appliances, and also take into account the local climate. A too small unit will not provide sufficient cooling, while a bigger unit will cycle more often (switch on and off) and thus use more energy resulting in higher bills. To help you choose, the Air conditioning services Perth is more than willing to help you with your buying decision.

Choosing the best unit

From the various models available in the market, you can choose Air Conditioning based on these features –

BTU – British Thermal Unit is the measure of the cooling capacity of an AC. Higher the BTU, more is the cooling capacity of the unit. Choosing an unit of higher capacity than required will make your office feel cold and damp, therefore it is important to choose one of the correct BTU capacity.

SEERSeasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings give an indication of how much power the unit will consume and how cost effective it will be. Units with high SEER ratings typically use less power, are environment friendly, and generate low costs. But they can be expensive to buy than the low SEER rated units.

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