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How Test and Tag Services Can Ensure your Office Equipment is Functioning in an Environment Friendly Manner

A test and tag service is a professional utility service that basically tests all kinds of electrical equipment and then tags them according to their maintenance needs of usage pattern. The tag that is put on the office equipment will contain information about the kind of tests the equipment has been put through. One of your primary responsibilities if you are running or managing an office is ensuring that your office equipment functions in a way that is not harmful to your environment. Here is what test and tag services can do for you.

Test the level of lighting

Poor lighting schemes inside the office mean that sooner or later your employees are going to experience eye trouble. The Australian government has detailed the specifications of lighting that needs to be followed in domestic offices in the document Australian Standard AS 1680-1990. The individual levels of flux (the measuring unit of light) will vary upon the kind of task being performed in the office. You can hire National Testing and Tagging to measure the effectiveness of your office lighting scheme and prove that you are indeed a conscientious employer.

Fix the temperature and air conditioning

The optimum working temperature for Australian nationals is said to be between 20 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius. Getting your air conditioning system judged by a test and tag service will allow you to determine whether the correct temperature is maintained indoors. Remember that the comfortable winter temperature is just two degrees less than the optimum summer temperature. Using the testing and tagging services is a good way to do employer branding.