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How Skiing Speed Determines the Type of Ski You Choose?

In the sport of waterskiing, the whole game is decided by speed. Your speed and the type of ski suitable for you are directly interlinked to each other. If your skiing speed is low, you will require a ski with wider base, to stay at the surface of water.

On the contrary, if you are moving with a fast speed in the water, the ski can have narrow base. Apart from that, there are many other factors that determine the type of waterskis.

30 MPH or Below

The skiers having speed of 30 MPH or less than that will come into the category of novice skiers. They would require skis with wide base to get more support into the water. They can opt to move faster also. More the ski is inserted into water, higher the skier can take the ski gear.

They generally ski from edge to edge, and for skiing into deep water, the skis provide them best support. These skis are named as cruiser and they are easy to use, and don’t require much efforts from the skiers.

28-31 MPH

The skiers having speed between 28-31 MPH comes into the category of intermediate skiers. The skis for intermediate skiers are bit wider than competition skis. The wider space ensures the stability of skis on the surface of water.

These skiers don’t prefer to move edge to edge. Instead they tend to ski in a more adventurous way, taking the ski into the region, where more aggressive skiers are there and try to take a safe turn from there.

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