How Online Collaboration Software Works

The online collaboration software was developed primarily to enable the sharing and processing of files of the team members without having to leave their respective offices. Team members who are in another country with different time zone can still continue to share and manage the files through the help of this software. The online collaboration software allows team members to work together at real-time even if they are all in different location, all it requires is a strong internet connection. The team members can work on power point presentation, word processor, and brainstorming without having to be ‘physically’ together. The number advantage of the online collaborative software is that it allows the continuity of work among the team members regardless of space and time.

Difference between web conferencing and online collaboration software

Though the two are the same in some respects, the web conferencing does not have some of the most important features of the collaboration software. In web conferencing, the team members meet online and begin a group discussion. But the limitation is that they cannot share files and other documents such as video presentations, graphs presentations, among others. the online collaboration software allows the team members to work on the same document at real-time which is not possible with web conferencing.

Key features of online collaboration software

One of the features is the uploading of the documents on the central message board which is accessible by all the team members. Secondly, the notification process which alerts all the team members for updates and changes. Third, the importance of projects is indicated so the team becomes aware as to which project must be prioritized. The fourth feature of the online collaboration software is the ability to store all data so in case there is a need to refer to the previous and completed projects, the team can easily access the files. Another feature is the ability of the clients to have access to the files which can speed-up the completion of a project because the clients can immediately edit or approve the project.

The safety of online collaboration software

If you wonder if this software is safe, the answer is yes. Only those who are given access can join in the discussion and can see the documents online. In fact, some even offer a encryption feature which adds another layer of protection against malicious individuals. Also, the team members may upload files to the central message board but not all of them can delete files. Only those who are authorized to delete files can do so.