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How Much Protein Intake is Safe?

As far as work out supplements go many studies have been conducted and there are reports which indicate that too much protein can be harmful to health. However there are those who say that these reports do not have any scientific basis. Diets rich in protein have been found beneficial to healthy people who exercise regularly in home gym. The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for protein is different according to different reports. So what then is the right amount of protein you should intake daily?


While protein requirements vary from individual to individual, the RDA is established based on the needs of the general population. However people who exercise regularly or have a high level of activity require more nutrients in general and protein in particular. So your daily protein drink is a necessary part of your work out supplement.


Physically active individuals can obtain their protein requirements through their normal diet if they have regular eating habits and a varied diet. For athletes and body builders a work out supplement rich in protein may be required as their level of activity is far more than the normally active individual.

Type of Protein

There are different types of proteins react differently with amino acids and are digested differently. However the superiority of one type of protein over another type has not yet been scientifically proven.


When you are working out, timely intake of protein is as important as the intake of protein. It is also necessary for overall growth, immunity, recovery, and maintaining body mass.

Incorporating weight loss machine in your daily workouts and diet speeds up the process of having a perfectly shaped body.