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How Do I Find Out If I Have Hearing Impairment?

Are you facing the below problems quite often?

• You cannot hear soft sounds.
• You are not able to hear some speech sounds clearly.
• Voices get jumbled up with noise.
• Loud sounds are intolerable.

These may be indicating that you are suffering from hearing issues.

Causes for hearing loss

Before we understand how to figure out if there is a hearing loss issue, let’s understand why hearing loss occurs.

• Noise
Loud noises from industries can lead to hearing loss.

• Aging
It is advised to go for a hearing test over the age of 55 years. There are simple online hearing test available which is easy and convenient.

• Inner ear issue
Inner ear or sensory organ could be the root cause of hearing impairment. This could lead to hearing loss called Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL).

• Genetic issue
Hearing loss is also caused due to heredity.

Common signs

Here are some of the common symptoms of hearing loss. Before you book for an online hearing test to diagnose your problem, check if you are facing any of these problems often.

• You have difficulty in hearing phone conversations clearly

If you have been struggling to hear the voice from the caller’s end, usual habit is to check the volume settings of the phone. But if the volume is set right and still you don’t hear well, it is time to check your hearing ability.

• You complain TV has too low volume when others are fine with it

Volume of TV may sometimes become the reason for cat fights. But you need to think beyond the fights and analyse if you have an issue with hearing. An online hearing test can help you to find out if you have hearing loss.

• Strained hearing

You may be experiencing exhaustion, fatigue and headache at the end of a normal day. This may be due to the extra effort you have put in to listen to your surroundings. This is a clear indication of issues with hearing.

• You have started asking people to repeat what they say often

When you are not able to hear clearly, you may become irritating when you ask them to repeat and talk louder. If people around you are trying to be louder than usual so that you can hear what they say, you need an online hearing test to find out if you have hearing loss.

• You have trouble listening to certain frequencies

You may sometimes face problem hearing voices of ladies or children. This is a common issue where a certain range of frequency is not audible. If the deep voice of your friend is audible well but if you do not understand the words of your wife, you may have hearing issue.

There is no need to fear. Hearing loss can be corrected many times with a good hearing aid especially when you address the issue as early as possible.