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How custom kitchen processes are made

Custom kitchens, especially those made for a home setting, is a very good investment a homeowner can take. For one thing, it makes a kitchen look highly unique and at the same time maximizing its functionality and for another thing, it gives the impression of taking a part of a professional chef’s kitchen in a restaurant and bringing it home. Custom kitchens are projects easily taken by building businesses such as renovation builders or contractors to which clients can simply pay a visit in order to talk with their consultants regarding their plans of having their dream kitchens come to life. Here are the usual processes done in seeking a contractor to take care of custom kitchens.



In the consultation stage, the consultant of the contractor company will talk with their client regarding the specific details of their dream kitchen. The consultation will usually happen in two ways: the client visits the contractor’s office and the consultant talks with the client regarding the planned project then an inspection of the area will follow. Otherwise, the client calls in the contractor and a paid consultation will be done. During the consultation, the consultant will usually ask questions such as what kitchen activities does the client usually do in the kitchen aside from cooking, what he or she would like to see or how much area does he or she want to kitchen to cover. To help the client settle for the contractor he has visited, a portfolio of previous projects will be shown in order for the client to see what the contractors are capable of doing.

Design agreement

Once the consultant has asked the necessary questions that will prove to be helpful in the planning, the next step in working on the custom kitchen remodeling project is for the client to create a design to which the client will be satisfied with. This design can be a rough sketch or overview of the plan prior to putting the final design on a blueprint. The design features all the necessary details that the client wishes to have on his or her dream kitchen such as the design of the flooring and walls, the strategic location of the appliances with respect to the overall layout of the kitchen and so on.

Payments and contract signing

If the client enjoys what the contractor’s consultant has been shown to him as well as the information regarding the package such as the inclusion of the materials and processing of the legal requirements, the final price is tallied for the project is made to which the client can accept or reject. Should the client agree, contracts are signed and often times, initial payments are made to ensure that the client is serious in this undertaking.

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