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House Cleaning Etiquette Tips

Hiring exit cleaning in Brisbane can make your life and move so much easier, not to mention the unit cleaner for the next tenant. Here are some tips to help make the exit cleaning services employees able to do their job easier and faster.

Prepare before the house before Exit Cleaning Services arrive

If you are using an exit cleaning company to clean your house, you should have the house ready for when they arrive. You should have moved all or most of your items out, before you have the company come in. Also, note that most cleaners are not going to move furniture, so make sure that you have moved the furniture out beforehand. Most exit cleaners are going to want to get to the hard to reach areas, so think about moving most of your items out of the way to make sure that these areas are accessible for the cleaners.

Clearly Communicate with Your Cleaners

Clear communication is a vital when you have your unit cleaned. Before the work starts, you should do a walk-through of the house, and have a written list of all the services that they are providing that has already be communicated when you booked the cleaning services. Many companies will have their own notes about the services that you want to done.

If there are any special cleaning products or supplies that you want used, you should have them on hand. This should be communicated in the first call, and again when the cleaners arrive. Also, you should speak up if you are worried about the quality of the work. In some cases, poor or no communication will lead to an unsatisfying experience.

Respect the Exit Cleaning Services time

When you are dealing with any cleaning service, the workers only have a short time to have the work done by. If you are present when the cleaning work is done, remember that all the workers need to focus on the work that they are doing. This allows them to finish on time, and do the work correctly. While you maybe well-intentioned with your offer of drinks, food or conversation, you may be slowing down the cleaner, and preventing them from completing their work.